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the bewo project

Our purpose

“The bewo project”, created by BLI Mindset and LF Channel , aims to:

 Make visible women from different fields that can be an inspiration for others

Give voice to female empowerment initiatives

Serve as a link between initiatives, organizations and institutions in order to expand impact and drive change

Bewo emerged during the pandemic caused by COVID-19, after observing that there were differences in the leadership models exercised by women and with the aim of unraveling how they were facing the situation from their management positions. After the success and interest obtained by the initiative, bewo has become a project with broader aspirations, all of them related to showing today’s girls references so that tomorrow they can be what they want to be.

The study

The study “Conversations with CEOs in the COVID-19 crisis” looks into
leadership and management styles of women to raise awareness and
promote female role models.

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Behind bewo