the bewo project

Our purpose

With the objective to spotlight women and continue fostering female role models, BLI
Mindset and LF Channel have come together to create “The bewo Project”. The
initiative is led by Laura Inés Fernández and Imma Folch, two entrepreneurial leaders
with vast experience in business management who have combined their skill sets to
carry out a study entitled “Conversations with CEOs in the COVID-19 Crisis”.

As differentiating leadership styles from women became more evident during the
pandemic, the bewo project arose to deeply explore how these individuals confronted the situation
while in executive positions. Indeed, the success and interest surrounding bewo has
led to its transformation into a project that sets forth many aspirations under one
primary aim—to highlight female talent.

The study

The study “Conversations with CEOs in the COVID-19 crisis” looks into
leadership and management styles of women to raise awareness and
promote female role models.

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Behind bewo