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the bewo project

“Conversations with CEOs"

The “Conversations with CEOs” study investigates the management and leadership styles of women across different countries and sectors.

Created by Bein Mindset and DEI Channel, “the bewo project” aims at spotlighting women and fostering female role models. In its attempt to meet such objective, the initiative has released in 2020 the results from its first study entitled “Conversations with women CEOs in the COVID-19 crisis”. A qualitative research included the participation of 37 female CEOs or company directors from various sectors and countries participated.
In 2023, it repeats the feat with 29 women CEOs or company directors, from 10 countries and 11 different sectors.

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    The participants

    Cofounder Seedstars - Switzerland

    Alisee deTonnac

    General Director PFB Servicios Funerarios - Spain

    Ana M. Gassió

    CEO Cinesi - Spain

    Ana Solà

    Partner Director COBERTIS - Spain

    Anna De Quirós

    Partner Fusion Communications - USA

    Annabel Beyra

    Director MiT - Spain

    Blanca Moreno

    CEO Grup TG - Spain

    Carme Pros

    Managing Director Yucatan - France

    Caroline Prince

    Founder & CEO Creudalva Empreendimentos, Lda - Angola

    Creusa Nhanga

    Founder & CEO MarketCross - Argentina

    Cristela Reyes

    Cluster President North America & US Managing Director Alfa Laval - USA

    Ester Codina

    President Sandvik Coromant - Sweden

    Helen Blomqvist

    General Director Caja Rural de Salamanca - Spain

    Isabel Martín Arija

    Founder Soulgate - Spain

    Izanami Martínez

    CEO Collabwith - The Netherlands

    Jara Pascual

    General Coordinator Suara - Spain

    Laura Peracaula

    CEO Farmacia Isern - Spain

    Lourdes Isern

    General Director Amavir - Spain

    Lourdes Rivera

    General Manager and Founder Lucia Seel International Consulting GmbH - Austria

    Lucia Seel

    Cofounder LactApp - Spain

    María Berruezo

    Dean Bar Association Mataró - Spain

    María Pastor

    CEO and Founder CASACOM - Canada

    Marie-Josée Gagnon

    CEO & Founder Bilakatu - Spain

    Marisol Menéndez

    CEO and Founder YouTOOProject - Australia

    Marta Caparrós

    Country Manager LiveDune - Brazil

    Mónica Medina

    Owner Handicap Deportes - Argentina

    Natalia Tatian

    Founder & CEO Juno House - Spain

    Natalie Batlle

    President MSF - Spain

    Paula Gil

    Manager Excavacions Iluro - Spain

    Yolanda Cebrià Javierre